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Be Collective mobilises everyone in the spirit of community engagement. It’s about creating opportunities that allow everyone to contribute to their community by doing what they can, when they can.

Be Collective is a platform for action. It delivers a ‘step change’ in value for individuals and groups wanting to contribute to the communities and causes they care about. With tools that streamline processes, encourage participation and bring rigour and accountability, Be Collective it makes volunteer management more professional.

Be Collective provides powerful data and insights not currently available, with a suite of reports and storytelling features that record and recognise contribution and impact. Through our integrated holistic approach we are able to provide a verified, personalised social record and CV for everyone. This will create better pathways to employment, celebrate volunteer effort as well as encouraging a whole new level of engagement.

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Finding and applying for volunteer positions can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating. Many of us only have pockets of time to give to the causes we care about, and our schedules often change.

Be Collective is your digital gateway to find opportunities that best match your skills, interests, availability and location. It maps out all of the volunteer opportunities available in your community and beyond so you can pick what works for you, in real time.

With a Be Collective profile you can volunteer your time, create and run events, connect with like-minded people and record your activity with a CV that tells the story of your personal social impact.

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  • Grow industry experience
  • Find friends with shared values
  • Make your contribution
  • CV of volunteer work

Engage, promote and celebrate successes.

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Today, there is an increasing expectation that companies will contribute to their communities. While many already are, few have a way of consistently recording and recognising their social impact. For many organisations the best intentions have resulted in workplace volunteer schemes with low employee engagement.

Be Collective makes volunteering easy, connecting people, businesses and groups to causes they care about and providing the organisation with opportunities that align to their core values and the interests of their employees. With Be Collective’s sophisticated reporting tools, you can be sure giving back to your community is sustainable in the long-term.

Be Collective will turn your Corporate Social Responsibility efforts into something your whole organisation can be proud of.

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  • Streamline csr investment
  • Manage events and projects from anywhere
  • Accomodate complex group structures
  • Promote and celebrate successes
  • Qualitative and quantitative reporting
  • Log hours and impact
  • Real-time oversight and benchmark achievements

Think, act, create change.

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Today too much of NGOs and NFPs time is spent fighting for survival – bogged down in funding and grant applications – rather than delivering community services.

Be Collective provides a low-cost way of professionalising the administrative work of volunteering so that NGOs and NFPs can get on with doing good work in their communities.

Be Collective is designed to provide a solid flexible, measurable foundation upon which to build cohesive communities and acknowledge their efforts in a purposeful way. It adds value for existing volunteers, makes it easy for causes which need volunteers, and encourages a new generation of volunteering.

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  • Reach new supporters
  • Improve engagement and outcomes
  • Support volunteering efficiently
  • Manage projects and events
  • Reporting analytics and testing
  • Build collective impact

Engage your students in giving back and obtaining industry experience.

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For our young people, attitudes toward community form early and there is great potential to shape young minds on the importance of contributing to a healthy community.

Many students report that helping their community is a life changing experience but most only have memories as a reminder of what was achieved.

Be Collective is different. It logs each volunteer hour, categorises the effort and skills acquired and captures the story itself. This allows students to build a social record and CV while they study, collecting experience and verified references to better prepare them for the workforce and feel proud of their achievements.

Schools and universities also collect stories of the part they play in fostering engagement and are able to promote themselves as an education provider of choice.

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  • Reporting of stakeholder engagement
  • Link credits to opportunities & curriculum
  • Track hours and contributions
  • Work alongside partners
  • Develop targeted projects & initiatives
  • Accomodate various faculties & student groups

No matter how big or small.

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Our community groups remain the hub of community spirit and connectedness but battle with administration and optimising goodwill.

Our sporting, arts and cultural groups require simple, functional and measurable tools to better attract and coordinate the efforts of their members and in turn demonstrate how they contribute to their communities.

Be Collective provides local and national community organisations with the resources to take full control of the connection between the community and their worthy causes. With a suite of tools and features that eliminate duplication, misdirection and waste of effort Be Collective frees your focus to celebrate, tell your stories and build engagement.

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  • Extend your networks
  • Start a project for good
  • Grow your tribe
  • Measure your impact

Obtain powerful data & insights
not currently available.

Be collective is for


Whether it be local or central government, the task of increasing engagement remains the single most effective method for establishing resilient and healthy communities. Yet it is exceptionally difficult to influence, manage and measure.

Be Collective can mobilise the energies and efforts of existing volunteers, as well as those who are not yet volunteering in a way that recognises their contribution, encourages others to get involved, and creates a collective culture of appreciation. Further, it facilitates professional co-ordination of voluntary sector administration by reducing duplication of processes, and providing professional systems and tools. Ultimately reduces their reliance on funding.

Whether it’s our children, those in and out of employment, or the dedication of our older citizens, Be Collective is designed to provide a solid flexible, measurable foundation upon which to build community-wide engagement.

It is social infrastructure to drive engagement and provide invaluable data and insights so that we can proactively strive for healthier communities.

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  • local & National Databases of Volunteers
  • removes barriers & promotes participation
  • enriches engagement experience for all
  • provides better pathways to employment
  • aggregate statistics on engagement & impact

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